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Healthy Mattress- Meet our Vendor Magniflex

healthy mattress magniflex

Our body faces modern pollution daily– from the chemicals in our food that we eat, medicines we take, to the chemicals in our furniture.  With everything in our society so dependent on chemicals, there should be a place where we can escape and find natural retreat– in our bedrooms. You can address this issue by buying organic mattress for your bedroom. It’s the 1 product that you use all night long.  It’s a great place to start relieving your body burden.

Meet our Vendor, Magniflex

Magniflex, featured in NY Times, Wall St Journal, Oprah.com,  has been awarded for two years in a row as one of the 500 most dynamic companies in Europe, it is the biggest company in the mattress sector in Italy.

What makes them a healthy mattress manufacture?

Magniflex® is the first to have reached the Oeko-tex Standard 100 in the mattresses category.  Oeko-Tex Warranty  Certifies that no harmful substances to human health or the environment have been used.

Magniflex® is the ONLY manufacture  Oeko-Tex certified at Level 2.  This is the highest level achieved for a mattress category manufacture.  The next level up is Level 1, which is for babies category.  Previously, Magniflex was at Level 4.  This is a sought after certification and Magniflex® has the honor of the only one at Level 2.

Their organic collection has no synthetic that touches the skin.  It meets all flame retardant requirements, instead of wool, it uses sea sand derivatives.  If you like memory foam mattresses but you do not like all the chemicals,Magniflex® offer you a natural memory foam product.  Foams are natural, it ‘s soy/aloe vera based, all foams are expanded with water — NOT chemicals!

Healthy Mattress -Focus On Health in Design

Magniflex®’s trademarked Airyform design allows air to circulate freely throughout the core of the mattress through a series of engineered perforations or “vents”. With the arrangement of the vents into three distinct zones, with more vents given to support the upper torso and legs, and fewer under the pelvic area, the spine is brought in alignment and pressure points are relieved.


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Organically Nurturing your Happy Kids


We want our children to sleep, eat well for their own health. Four in Ten families say they are buying more organic products than they did a year ago.  The number one cited reason is “healthier for me and my children.”  Parents understand the effects of pesticides in products, mainly food but what about toxic in your child’s bedroom? A number of studies have found PBDEs in house dust which is more contaminated than outdoor air.  PBDEs can be found in products like mattresses, furniture and electronics, these chemicals break down and migrate into the air in form of house dusts.

You can have a healthier home by reducing your exposure to PBDE.  One room to start improving the air quality is your bedroom. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping on your mattress.  Choose organic mattresses, organic bedding.  If you are not ready to make these investments, there are alternatives which are very budget friendly.  You can cover and seal mattress with protectors.  These mattress encasement provide protection against allergens, bedbugs, Dust Mites, bacteria, fungi and mold and mildew.

Our organic mattresses will provide you allergen free sleep and a cleaner bedroom.

“Sleep Green. Dream Colors.”

Your Dream Mattress Organics Team


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Bed Foundations…

Bed Foundations/ Box Springs/ Bunkie Boards  101

When choosing your mattress, the manufacture would already have the matching foundation or box springs to create the perfect system.  But what if you bought only the mattress and  later decide that you want a bed base…which do you choose?

A foundation is made of wood slats and covered with fabric.  If it’s an organic foundation, it could be made from untreated wood slats and wrapped with certified organic cotton and wool.  Wood-slat foundations offer a firm support that is ideal for latex and memory foam mattresses. Any mattress placed on a wood foundation (or bunkie board) will feel a bit more firm than if it were placed on a box spring.

Box Springs consist of coil and wood.  Typically, box springs are used with coil (innerspring) mattresses.  It is also acceptable to use a wood foundation or bunkie board with an innerspring mattress.  Bed bases act as shock absorbers to mattresses and because box springs are more flexible, your mattress will feel slightly softer. There are different quality box springs available, stronger coil gauge (indicated by smaller number, i.e. 13 gauge is stronger than a 14 gauge coil) will better support your mattress.

Bunkie boards are about 2” thick and are made of plywood covered with fabric.  These boards are mostly used in bunk beds and day beds.  Because platform beds are very popular these days, bunkie boards are now used in them also.  If you have an innerspring mattress, you do not need bunkie boards in your platform beds.  However, if you own a memory or latex foam mattress, you must use them.   These mattresses require solid surface, otherwise, with body weights, these foam mattresses would sink in between the gaps in the slats.

Most recently, there is another kind of bed base, it is made of metal. It functions as a bed base and a frame. In other words, you can save money because this metal bed base doesn’t need to sit on a frame.  Besides being cost efficient, it is also functional and extremely sturdy.  The 14” height bed base/frame is high enough so that you have room for under bed storage, unlike conventional frames which are only 6-7” high. This metal bed base is sag free and it can support up to 2500 lbs.  This base is ideal for innerspring mattress and foam mattresses (you’ll need to add bunkie boards). We sell this metal bed base/frame.  It is made by Boyd’s, starting at $115.00 for a twin size.


In light of our green mindset…do you really need a new bed base when you buy a new mattress?  Not really.

If your bed base is good, you can still use it.  Keep in mind, a faulty bed base will compromise your mattress (which may void your warranty) and if you’re getting an all foam mattress, you will need a solid surface base.

If you are getting a new bed base because yours is “so old and there may be bugs hiding”, you can buy a protective encasement to preserve your old bed base.  The encasement is completely bedbug proof and provides a clinically proven barrier against bedbug entry or exit.  But that’s another story.  We will talk about this mattress/ bed base protective covers in our next blog.

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Your grandma’s recipe for disinfecting your mattress :

Your grandma’s recipe for disinfecting your mattress :

Baking soda + apple cider vinegar

Baking soda
Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar
Spray bottle

1. Mix three parts vinegar to one part water
2. Spray thoroughly over the mattress. Wipe the mattress completely.
3. Repeat mattress if necessary.
4. To remove odors, sprinkle baking soda on the mattress, then vacumn.


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Eco Options in the Bedroom

If you like eating organic food and working towards a sustainable lifestyle, don’t forget to also detox your home.  Take action starting with your bedroom.  It’s a sanctuary where you spend a 1/3 of your life in bed so regulating air pollutions make sense; it is where the most commonly identifiable off -gas chemicals are pesticides, flame restardants and phathalates. Go green with buying reclaimed, certified wood furniture, organic mattresses, organic bedding which contain no harmful chemicals.


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Create Your Healthy Micro Sleeping Environment Series: Why You Should Sleep on Organic Cotton.

A healthy sleep environment starts with pure, chemical free fabric against your skin.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals. There is a lot of “organic cotton” available in the market now. But unless a product is certified, you are not guaranteed that it was grown chemical free.

Not all organic cottons are equal; prices vary according to quality and if it is certified. For example, if a product is GOTS certified, it was dyed and processed in an eco-friendly and chemical free way. A product carrying the GOTS label grade ‘organic’ must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres whereas a product with the label grade ‘made with organic’ must contain a minimum of 70% certified organic fibres. Cotton production relies heavily on agrochemicals; it uses more chemicals per unit than any other crops.   Residual chemicals may irritate your skin, for anyone who is skin sensitive, choosing a GOTS certified product is your assurance for a pure, pesticide free product.

Our vendors, Coyuchi, Sleep and Beyond, Gotcha Covered, to name a few are GOTS certified.  In addition, Sleep and Beyond, is a Fair Trade manufacture.




questions about organic and eco-friendly mattresses

Which is better for me, organic or eco-friendly products?
Organic certified (greenest) products are the healthiest and best for you, especially if you are sensitive to chemicals, have allergies or asthma. However, living a healthy life starts one step at a time so choose products that work with your budget. Your small steps make a big difference towards your health.

Why buy an organic mattress?
Simply put, organic mattress is your healthy choice. It does not off-gas harmful chemicals because it is free of any toxic chemicals. Since you spend a third of your life in bed and it is the closest thing to you when you sleep, it is a product worth owning.

What is an organic mattress?
Organic mattresses are made with materials that were not treated with chemicals. There are no chemicals in these mattresses so you do not need to worry about chemical breakdowns and harmful VOCs off-gas. Our organic mattresses meet Federal and State flammability standards without the use of harmful flame-retardant chemicals.

What is a certified organic mattress?
These organic mattresses are independently certified by 3rd parties verifying that all fiber and materials are organic. Certified Organic means the item has been grown according to strict uniform standards that are verified by independent state or private organizations. Certification includes inspections of farm fields and processing facilities, detailed record keeping, and periodic testing of soil and water to ensure that growers and handlers are meeting the standards which have been set.
Are all organic products completely free of pesticide residues?
Certified organic products have been grown and handled according to strict standards without toxic and persistent chemical inputs. However, organic crops are inadvertently exposed to agricultural chemicals that are now pervasive in rain and ground water due to their overuse during the past fifty years in North America, and due to drift via wind and rain.

How does a conventional mattress differ from organic mattress?
• Materials used in conventional mattress contain polyurethane foam, PCV, phtalalates, formaldehyde, chemical fire retardants and other industrial chemicals, many of which are untested and not yet approved by the government.
• We’re exposed to the potential harmful chemical off gassing. The chemicals are breaking down and we are breathing them while we are asleep.

How do organic mattresses meet flammability requirements without harmful chemicals? There are organic wool insulators in the mattress. Wool is a natural fiber and it is highly flame resistant. Wool is considered to be hypoallergenic and as added benefit wool keeps heat in the winter and it is cool in the summer. However, Naturepedic does not use wool as a natural fire retardant. Their core filling is organic cotton. It is significantly less flammable to begin with so they are able to use their exclusive fire protection system. It is based on the unique fire retardant properties of baking soda and hydrated silica bonded to cellulose fiber.

Why buy an environmentally safe mattress?
Your house contains toxins 2-5x more than the outdoor. Synthetic materials used in conventional home furnishings can break down (off-gas) and emit volatile organic compounds. Since green products contain more natural materials, choosing green products will help reduce pollutions in your home, improve air quality, thus, making it a more comforting and comfortable home.

How do latex and memory foam feel differently from each other?
Latex has a more “buoyancy” feeling while memory foam is more conforming to your body. If you like the feel of a traditional mattress, you probably would prefer latex. If you are looking for the best pressure relieving foam in the market, you should choose memory foam.

What is a vacuum packed mattress?
The air is completely extracted from the mattress; the mattress is reduced to about 90% of its original size and is rolled up and shipped in a tote. Once it is opened, within 3-4 hours, it will regain 80% of its shape. We suggest you wait 24 hours for a fully recovered mattress. There are no compromises in quality or comfort in a vacuum packed mattress. Yet there are many benefits; transporting mattresses this way is extremely popular in Europe. Because it is vacuum packed and sealed, it is very hygienic (great news for allergy sufferers) and it happens to also lower the product’s overall carbon footprint.

Why should I buy organic sheets?
Organic cotton sheets are absence of chemicals. These sheets are unbleached and undyed and because of this, they are softer, last longer and breathe better than other cotton sheets. While most stores carry 100% cotton sheets, it is harder to find 100% organic sheets. You can save gas and time by shopping for them on the internet, keep in mind, like chemical treated cotton sheets, organic cotton sheets also vary in quality.

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Dream Aloud

Life is about making your dreams come true and having the courage to take those steps without fears.  Our lives will tie us down with many things – real or imagined.  So how do we keep focus? Work on your dream everyday, take one step at a time, baby steps or big steps.   Imagine that you are on a path, putting one foot forward everyday will get you to your dream.  Dream Aloud.  Slow and Steady wins the race.



Hello world! Howdy Dreams!

Dream Mattress Organics

Hello World! Howdy Dreams!

Dream Mattress Organics offer luxury organic, eco-friendly mattresses.  If you sleep better at night, your restful sleep will lead to better dreams.We are an organic, eco-friendly mattress company.  We encourage living life to the fullest, sharing your gifts and  reaching your dreams.

Sleep Green. Dream Colors.

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